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Where can you find a credit organization without proof?

We speak of a credit organization without proof when the lender can make available the money to use completely freely. Credit without proof of use is in no case a loan without proof of financial resources. Let’s review the different credit offers without proof. We will then see how a simple comparison makes it possible to identify the best credit organization without proof.

Credit organization without supporting documents, not without supporting documents!

Credit organization without supporting documents, not without supporting documents!

You should know that all credit agencies or banks offer lending solutions without proof of use of money. Let us take a look at the different credit solutions without proof, identifying each time their advantages and disadvantages.

Type of credit without proof What there is to know
Personal loan
  • Credit without proof of use of money
  • Amount: $ 1,000 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 12 to 60 months (sometimes longer)
  • Fixed APR rate very variable from one organization to another
Revolving credit
  • For a small loan (generally less than 4000 $)
  • Duration: 6 to 60 months maximum
  • Credit easier to obtain than a personal loan (fewer supporting documents)
  • High revisable APR rate
  • Cash reserve available at any time (express transfer or credit purchase)
Mini credit (-200 $)
  • High APR rate
  • Refund within 90 days maximum
  • Immediate transfer possible but sometimes subject to significant additional costs

A credit institution without proof must always check the applicant’s repayment capacity – or solvency – before lending money. This is a legal obligation, aimed at protecting the consumer. It is impossible to find a credit agency capable of lending money without supporting documents. The best online loan specialists will always ask for proof of the situation and identity before lending money for the first time. You should therefore always be wary of a loan offer without proof.

Use the money from a revolving credit, for a real credit without any proof

Revolving credit is the only product allowing you to request an express transfer without any proof. Most of the time associated with a small amount (between 500 $ and 4000 $), it grants a reserve of available money. Any first opening of revolving credit is subject to a verification of the situation (income, identity). On the other hand, holders of revolving credit can, once the contract is opened, request the credit institution to obtain a transfer without additional proof.

The lender already has all the collateral and therefore does not need to request new parts. The revolving credit contract must however be renewed each year. The lender is also obliged to recheck the creditworthiness of its holder every three years. Any request under $ 4,000 made on our comparator offers revolving credit solutions.

How to find the best credit agency without proof?

How to find the best credit agency without proof?

All reputable credit organizations offer credit without proof of use of funds, in the same way as conventional banks or online. But then how do you recognize a good credit organization without proof? How do you know which one will offer cheap credit corresponding to the requested project?

Knowing how to identify your need for money is the priority before embarking on a search for the best credit organization without proof. We will see that it is indeed possible to obtain very different rates between the largest credit specialists. Fortunately, using an honest credit comparison tool simply identifies the best offers, but above all, gets an immediate first opinion.

The Importance of a Credit Comparator

The credit comparator is the consumer’s best ally in his search for a credit organization without proof. To have a certain legitimacy and justify its effectiveness, a comparator must integrate several concepts:

  • Classify offers according to the APR rate
  • Guarantee an immediate response in principle

Our comparator incorporates this double notion: best rate> immediate opinion. Once his project is well identified, a simple form lets you know if the credit organizations are able to grant the loan. To be sure to contact a credit organization without proof, you must select “loan all projects” before launching the loan simulation.

What is an APR rate?

The APR rate (annual effective annual rate) is a benchmark indicator in the consumer credit sector. It calculates the cost of interest on the credit, added to the additional costs (administration fees). The APR must be mentioned on all credit offers. Our comparator is only based on the APR to classify the different loan offers.

Credit organization without proof = mistrust

It is absolutely essential to avoid any credit organization without proof of income and / or identity when opening a contract for the first time. Online credit specialists are indeed obliged to carry out several checks before granting a loan of money. Here is the list of documents usually requested in the context of a consumer loan:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of recent residence
  • Salary slips (1 minimum)
  • Tax notice in certain cases
  • Account statement (sometimes)

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