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Home Loan Exchange Mortgage

National home loan administration, at home, at work or wherever you want. Borrowing without waiting, without waiting in line. Loan, home loan swap..

Loan calculator


With our Mobile Banking service we can also provide a significant discount on interest . Borrowing without waiting, without waiting in line.

Compare Bank Offers. Using a loan calculator is free and automatic. Home loan replacement. Bids are not considered as bids. Contact our agent for details. Free administration of home loans, free mortgages, personal loans. Financial planning, home savings, insurance.

We are bank independent – we work with almost every domestic financial institution as a privileged partner, which means significant discounts. Free of charge! Full credit counseling and credit management is truly free of charge.

As a national network of Good Finance:

  • We are available anywhere in the country or, if not, we go wherever you want
  • More than 18 years of experience in credit administration, our credit specialists have the required MNB qualification
  • Safe professional background
  • Almost all domestic financial institution products are available in one place.
  • A universal banking comparison and rating system with just a few clicks
  • Professional support: either in GFIC or in lending matters.
  • Most of our partner financial institutions offer discounts to our clients that are more favorable than branch offers

Home Loan

Home Loan

  • Consumer Friendly Home Loan
  • Home loan used to buy a home
  • Home loan for new home purchase
  • Home renovation loan
  • Home improvement loan
  • Bridging loan
  • Loan For Land Purchase

Subsidized home loan

  • Subsidized home loan for new home purchase
  • Supported housing construction for families with multiple children
  • Subsidized home loan to buy a used home
  • Subsidized home loan for new home purchase, construction
  • Subsidized home loan extension
  • Subsidized home loan for modernization
  • Construction, renovation, extension, modernization
  • Construction loan

Personal loans

  • to buy a car or for any purpose
  • guaranteed and unsecured
  • depends on income

Free administration of home loans, free mortgages, personal loans. Financial planning, home savings, insurance.

Free, full administration, no obligation.
Universal Banking Comparison and Prequalification System, undertakes no obligation to send your data. Your data will only be sent to a credit expert, no further data will be stored or transferred, no newsletter will be sent, and your data will be strictly managed in accordance with GDPR. With our loan calculator, you can get a loan on more favorable terms than most of our banking partners, rather than going straight to the bank. The best home loans. We are bank independent – we work with almost every domestic financial institution as a privileged partner, which means significant discounts.
Free of charge! Full credit counseling and credit management is truly free of charge. It is not cheaper to go to the selected bank. We get our commission from the bank, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheaper to go into the bank and wait there for pre-qualification, administration, or even.

In most cases, only banks provide credit. A general feature of bank credit is that new money is created at the time of the conclusion of the credit agreement, in the form of debt, regulated by the competence of the central bank. The money the debtor receives is not directly from the bank, so the bank only has to pay interest. After the loan is repaid, the money ceases to exist. This can be achieved by the current monetary system by keeping a large part of the economy under constant indebtedness, in addition to steady economic growth.

In all cases, the financial institutions give credit on a commercial basis, ie in the form of fees, interest and other charges, which the debtor must repay in installments. A loan can be applied for a variety of purposes, can be applied for in advance, for example to purchase goods, services or real estate, or it can be applied for free use.

Mortgage Loan – Home Loan Swap

Mortgage Loan - Home Loan Swap

A mortgage loan is a mortgage or real estate loan that can help you claim more money from financial institutions. In such cases, the loans taken are usually used for whatever purpose you want, so you can buy an apartment, a car, or start your own business. In most cases, the amount of credit is determined by the value of the property being offered as collateral.

Mortgage loans can include types of loans such as new home purchase loans, used home purchase loans, home construction, extension, modernization or renovation loans, and free use loans, but also debt settlement loans.

Since all Hungarian financial institutions work with personalized mortgages, which are always determined by the value of the real estate offered, it is worthwhile to look closely at the banks offering mortgages, as it does not matter at what time and at what price.

A mortgage can be cheap because there are differences between them. When Can a Mortgage Loan Be Cheap? First of all, if it provides the debtor with a long-term repayment opportunity, or if the monthly repayment installments remain fixed over the long term, but at least show only a slight increase. The client is well-known if he / she knows in advance that the installment payment for the given month will be the same the next time.

Since we offer a real estate collateral to the bank when taking out a mortgage loan, most domestic financial institutions can easily obtain this type of loan, because in such cases the credit assessment is simple and even KHR listed clients can obtain money without having to purchase various papers.

Certified Consumer Friendly Home Loan

The Qualified Consumer-Friendly Home Loan is a certification that introduces a standardized and transparent set of home loan terms and conditions that will make loan structures easier to compare.

The “qualified” category means that the product is marketed in the tender system established by the Good Finance Bank of Hungary and the central bank verifies compliance with the tender conditions. The rating is “consumer friendly” because it offers different services to consumers on the one hand and predictability on the other.

Predictability and consumer friendly services. An example of such services is that the financial institution takes over the burden of such land administration, if the consumer so requests. The Good Finance Home Home Loan guarantees predictability, as specific deadlines are available to the financial institution for each decision. Disbursements must be made within two business days of qualifying, and credit assessments must be made within 15 days of the completion of the appraisal of the property.

Consumer friendly loan features

  • Only repayments in which the monthly installment installments are equal (annuity repayments) are allowed.
  • The interest period may be 5, 10, 15 years or interest rate fixation up to the end of the term is required.
  • The payout deadline is 2 business days after the fulfillment of the payout conditions.
  • Disbursement fee: maximum 0.75% of the loan amount, but not more than HUF 150 thousand.
  • The interest mark-up on the creditor’s reference value shall not exceed 3,5 percentage points.
  • The prepayment fee shall not exceed 1% of the prepaid amount, and up to the amount of the contractual savings, the related government subsidy and the interest credited on the savings account deposit shall be free of charge.
  • The credit assessment deadline is a maximum of 15 business days from the availability of the valuation.
  • Until disbursement and prepayment fees are capped.

Our credit specialist will contact you within a few hours and answer any questions you may have

We will present our comparative analysis of bank offers at a personal meeting that is best suited for you.

Our help and full administration are FREE, we do everything for you!

There is no obligation to send your information, nor do you have to pay anything in advance.

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